Why does Atheism is rare in india ?

If you are an Indian like me , you must have seen that Atheism is very rare here . But why is that ? The answer that I figured out is that Indian culture is too strong that people don’t dare to think about their theism and atheism at all . Also those who are atheist fake their faith so no one will know their secret.

And It’s not about some people , it’s happening with people of all religions and of all economical class . Also even if a person is totally highly educated still he will never have courage to question things . And such people just accept religion and god without a second thought . And It’s because of their family teaching since their childhood to be greatful towards god . Most of the successful people gave all the credit to god , and that’s not it they also donated millions of dollars to temples and religious trusts !

Some of my friends have very strong beliefs and they do totally follow religious concepts.They follow god so strongly that sometimes its get hard to be with them. So I gave a thought that why is that? We all wore grown up in similar environment,why do they have faith and i don’t ? So then I figured out a fact that – People will face changes and difficulties at a certain point of their life , And at that moment somehow they will decide which side they gonna choose . And it’s a choice that will be imprinted on them for the rest of their lives . I can tell this coz same things happened when I finished my high-school and joined a college .So that all guys tell me what you think .


Who Am I

I’m nobody , I am just another human , another boy with his own problems . Life have many failures, some you can’t even solve but still you keep trying .This is a place to express my very personal thinking to you all , because those thoughts can not be expressed to people around me . This is my story , about a ordinary guy with extra ordinary dreams in life .

This is a try to look at things happened in my life , thats why this blog named as A Flash Light.